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东北师范大学网络教育短文写作Writing 必考写作

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内容摘要:短文写作Writing写作一:通知通知发出者:校学生会发出日期: 5月10 日通知内容:学校将于今年10 月20 日至30 日举办新一届校园文化节。届时将举行文艺演出、讲座、影展、画展、时装秀、才艺表演、音乐比赛、名人演讲等各类活动(考生须列举至少5项)。向各系学生会征集...






学校将于今年10 20 日至30 日举办新一届校园文化节。



计划须在6 10 前报学校校园文化节组委会。



May 10, 2015 

Dear schoolmates, this is to notify that the Annual Campus Cultural Festival is to take place from October 20 to October 30 this year. At the Festival, activities like concert, drama performance, movie show, drawing exhibition, dress show and singing contest will be held. Also, some celebrities will be invited to give talks.

Now we request that the Student Union of each department submit their Festival Plan to the Institute Organizing Committee, no later than June 10. The plan should cover details about the arrangement of your department's activities, including name and type of the activity, the way in which it is to be performed, venue and equipment needed, person in charge, etc.

The Students Union of the Institute

Contact                    Office:...........








The Importance of Communication

In today’s society, communication between people is often considered of great importance. Social interaction plays a vital role in our every day life.

Through communication, we get to know those we meet strangers at first. Communication enables us to exchange what we think and establish or maintain good contacts with one another. Based on interaction, mutual trust can be built and common interests may be found. And we can even hope to develop a long-lasting friendship.

In addition, through communication, disputes may be solved and misunderstanding removed. When we know the opposing points of view, we could have a better judgment about the issue at hand. Without communication, there will be no mutual trust, and relations among people will be tense.

Our government is aiming to establish a harmonious society, which no doubt hinges on good communication among our citizens.



You have enrolled in an evening course but you have found that you are too busy to continue and would like to take the course next term instead. Write a letter to your teacher. In your letter:
    Explain the situation and why you cannot continue the course.
    Say what you would like to do about the course.



Dear Ms. Zhang,

I’m Wang Rui, a student who has enrolled in your evening course “Spoken English”. I’m sorry to inform you

that I won’t be able to continue your course due to some unforeseen circumstances. One of my regular daytime courses in my major has been moved to the evening. The timing is in conflict with your course. So I can do nothing but back out.
    However, I hope to take your course some other time, in next semester, for example, if your course happens to be in the schedule. Meanwhile I would like you to give me some advice about how to improve my spoken English, if that does not cause you too much trouble. I hope that we can keep in touch through e-mail.

sincerely yours
Wang Rui

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